Our research is focused on arterial tissue mechanics, vascular imaging, vascular mechanobiology and tissue engineering. We aim to gain critical insights into the role of mechanics in cardiovascular diseases, with particular focus on load induced remodelling and regeneration of arterial tissues at the material and cell level.

Using non-invasive vascular imaging techniques, such as Diffusion Tensor Magnetic Resonance Imaging, we aim to develop novel diagnostic techniques for early detection of vascular degeneration.

We also use in vitro and in silico modeling approaches to aid the design and development of intravascular medical devices for the treatment of existing vascular disease.

Prof. Caitríona Lally is a Professor in Bioengineering within the Department of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering and Principal Investigator in the Trinity Centre for Biomedical (TCBE) in Trinity College Dublin (TCD). She received her BEng (Mechanical Engineering) and MEng (Biomedical Engineering) degrees from University of Limerick and in 2004 she obtained a PhD from Trinity College Dublin in the area of arterial biomechanics and cardiovascular stenting. Immediately following her Ph.D., she took up a lecturing position in the School of Mechanical & Manufacturing Engineering at Dublin City University, and was appointed senior lecturer in 2014. She recently returned to TCD in 2015 as a Professor in Bioengineering.