Strain in commercial grade bovine pericardium leaflets under diastolic pressure of 120 mmHg, as a function of collagen fibre patterns. Material properties calibrated from uniaxial and fatigue bulge loading.

Non-destructive optical analysis of commercial-grade bovine pericardium using in-house small angle light scattering (SALS). Contour plot shows heterogenous collagen fibre structure across patch, with alignment ranging from low to high (0.5 – 0.9). 

Additional to improving materials currently used in bioprosthetic heart valves, we are also developing new material solutions for minimally invasive devices using additive manufacturing. By integrating techniques like melt electrowriting with silicone moulding, we hope to create prosthetic valve leaflets with material properties and structure inspired by healthy, native aortic valve leaflets. Informed by native leaflet material properties and structure (obtained from mechanical testing and imaging), we can use finite element modelling to assess various designs and material pairings for ideal bioinspired, polymer prosthetic valve leaflets.  

Reference: Hughes, C., Johnston, R., Whelan, A., O’Reilly, D., Campbell, E., Lally, C. (2023) ‘Using Finite Element Modelling to Inform Fibre Reinforcement in Polymer Heart Valve Leaflets’ in Bioengineering in Ireland Conference. Enfield, Ireland.  


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