Dr. Robert Johnston
Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Fundamental insights into rupture mechanisms of atherosclerotic plaque tissue: Determining possible new diagnostic measures of plaque vulnerability

Engineering stress-strain curves for A) predominantly axial fibre datasets (FA) and (B) predominantly circumferential fibre datasets (FC). Statistical analysis detailing the significant difference between (C) Ultimate tensile stress, (D) Ultimate tensile strain and (E) Stiffness between the groupings, ∗ p < 0.05, ∗∗∗ p < 0.0 0 05.

(A): Delineation of vessel from T2 weighted MRI images and creation of 3D stack (B): Initial model created – determining the location of sharp edges and smoothing the geometry (C) Surfaces of new smoothed surface are extracted and volume model is created for export into mesh pre-processor (D) Hexa-block tool used to define the geometry and create hexahedral finite element meshes of the bifurcation.